Club Stories

Car Show

 On November the 25th the Rotary Club of Sunbury and the Sunbury District Classic Car Club ran a Car Show at the the Clarke Oval. The weather seemed determined to rain on our parade but as it turned out our praying to the weather Gods paid off and the rain, in the main, held off during the day. Ther was about 130 cars on shaow with many people coming and enjoying the day. This was an important fundraiser for the club as it helps us to keep sponsoring the Post Natal Cot at the Royal Children's Hospital. Our thanks go to Sunbury Ford and Sunbury Holden and all our other sponsors for their generosity.

By Merv Minett Dated December 2018

Halloween Night

   Last meeting was Halloween Night. Club members got dressed up in their scary clothes and had lots of fun.
The members present also took part in Halloween Quiz games..

By Merv Minett Dated November 2018

Hollie Drake-Brokman

   t a recent meeting we had around 40 people in attendance, members, partners and special guests and all wore a hat to lift the lid on mental health. Our fearless guest speaker, Hollie Drake-Brockman is not a public speaker, but you could have heard a pin drop as she spoke from the heart of the challenges of living with anxiety. Her description of how anxiety grabs you and freezes you was chilling and for the first time for me brought the condition to something that I could now come close to understanding how terrifying it must be to experience in its extreme. ZZ Totz, her company is an example of social entrepreneurship; that is, the use of a start-up company to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. In Hollie`s case her puppets are a battery free fun activity that can take them to far away places where fairy floss clouds rain raspberries, and rocket ships are powered by broccoli. Where teddy bears come alive while you sleep and friendly dragons ride unicycles. I hope you were inspired by her story. Most of us will know someone who suffers in one way or another with mental health challenges and it is heart warming to know that our hard work and effort raising funds can goes a little way towards helping causes like Australian Rotary Health, one of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia.

By Kerry Kirk Dated October 2018

Greg with David Allan

   Recently we were fortunate to have Greg Brown give the club an overview of the Operations and mission of Western Water. It was an excellent rundown of the water sources and water treatment facilities in our region, their capacity and current levels and uses. It was only a small team that were present to hear Gregs informative presentation and he brought goodies with him, drink bottles, pens, shower timers and plugs. Our, local households, use of water is creeping up again and Greg had a special message to try and be frugal with this precious resource in these times of drought, limiting household usage to a target 155 Litres. Sunbury switched to Melbourne Water in 2016 and is still on Melbourne water as the local reserves together are still under 50% of capacity.

By Kerry Kirk Dated October 2018

Gary Jungwirth

Kevin Love with Fred Reinking

   Last week we were fortunate to have 2 guest speakers. Firstly, Kevin Love spoke to us about the opportunity for mentoring a police officer of the Victorian Police force. I have completed the paperwork for the program and will keep you posted. If it works out I will look too many in the club to help with the mentoring effort throughout the coming year. Our very own Assistant Governor, Gary Jungwirth then spoke from the heart about his experiences with detainees at the Broadmeadows detention centre. I think this is a very difficult subject, but the best thing we can do with anything that is difficult is start talking about the realities and I appreciate the effort Gary put in to informing us of what he sees. I think detainees are very fortunate to have him at least in their court.

By Kerry Kirk Dated Septemeber 29 2018

Leigh with Brenton Anderson

   Recently Councillor Leigh Johnson spoke about his role in the Hume City Council as well as his, now part time, role as a member of the police force here in Sunbury. A New Zealand born, Leigh has lived in Sunbury for over 30 years and is a very proud Australian citizen and family man. Leigh advised the Rotary clock required some repairs and promised to keep us informed of progress. He talked of his passion for volunteering, the Boilerhouse theatre company, local football and his work with the youth of Sunbury. He briefly mentioned the Hume Global Learning Centre is progressing and due to open in 2019, this may be a potential resource we can book and use for future meetings or events. He also mentioned that the council had asked the Liberal party to speak to them of what their plans might be regarding the City of Sunbury out of Hume (yes again) but that that had not happened as yet.

By Kerry Kirk Dated September 2018

David with Kerry Kirk

   Our recent guest speaker David Kelly was both raw and authentic and if you missed him, you really missed a powerful one. Very Special Kids cares for children with terminal illnesses though to their final breath. Their hospice is in Glen Iris and they are angels to so many families. .

By Kerry Kirk Dated August 2018

James, Dale and Tasman with Damian Harman

  Recently we had James, Dale and Tasman from the Fathering Project at Sunbury Primary School, who gave us a great update on the progress of their project last week. If you can man the BBQ on Friday 31 August at the school for their next breakfast event, please let Denis know. It will be an early start. We are building a nice relationship with these fathers and I hope that it wont be too long before one or more of them join our club.

By Kerry Kirk Dated August 2018

Daryl with Merv Minett

 On Tuesday the 10th we had the pleasure of hearing Rotarian Daryl Knight give us an update on the Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen. It was quite inspiring to hear that the Kitchen is regularly providing meals most Monday nights to over 100, often 150+, and once over 200 Sunbury community members who come along for a meal, companionship and community support. It was good to hear that the move to Memorial Hall has had some positive upside with council providing an updated kitchen, and storage facilities including some inspired engineering for slide out storage under the stage and a shed with some donated Shelving from Bunnings. Our thanks to all the tireless volunteers and supporters of the Kitchen who are regularly making this happen.

By Kerry Kirk Dated July 10 2018

Sarah, Beth and Jessica with Robert Iles  style=

 On Tuesday the 19th of June 2018 the club heard from three ladies (Sarah, Beth and Jessica) from the organisation Distinctive Options In Life (DO) based here in at Sunbury Community Connect 'The Rad Pad' in Horne Street. DO is a not-for-profit company that provides services for people with disabilities 18-30 years of age. They also provide services in Bendigo, St Albans and Kyneton. Much of their funding comes indirectly from NDIS through the students who attend programs.. These include cooking, travel training (e.g. catching the train to the city), home skills (e.g.. how to make a bed), swimming, self-advocacy, personal development, community access, volunteering opportunities, access to communication aids, and training in omputing and internet access.. A very courageous Jessica shared with us some of her journey in the developing of further life skills.  DO has approached our Club with a request to assist them to procure a large outdoor table and suitable benches that would have a great many uses which they shared with us. DO's normal funding is not available for this type of facility. The Board has agreed to this request and the new Board under Kerry's leadership will take up the project in July as to the best way to assist. Many members have expressed interest in what additional projects the Club could undertake in our own community. Here is one that is very do-able and which deserves our support.

By Robert Iles Dated June 25 2018

Victoria with Fred Reinking

 Last Tuesday there were 14 Members present to listen to Victoria Bonsey of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation speak. The Fund was started as a non-government organisation in 1984 by Lady Sonia MacMahon and Sir Peter Abeles. Victoria is a past Rotarian of the Coffs Harbour Club. In fact she was the first female member of that Club. She joined the ACRF after spending some time with the Make A Wish Foundation and witnessing so many young kids struck by the disease. She wanted to help and saw this as a way she could do so. She also, like many of us, has lost family members to the disease. 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women will have cancer by age 75. In 2017 134,174 people were diagnosed with cancer  thats 367 per day! The Fund aims to reduce cancers by 20% in 40 years. That will be a saving of $134 billion to our nation. Since starting the Funds supply of equipment for research there has been an increase in survival rates of some 20% in patients diagnosed with cancer. The Fund only provides equipment and technology to programs that pass the rigour of the assessment panel which has eminent doctors as the decision makers. The Funds aim is to Outsmart Cancer through research. This is already happening because today kids suffering from leukaemia are showing greatly increased survival rates and the rates are improving all the time. Rotarian Fred spoke well as he thanked Victoria on our behalf. He also presented her a cheque for the Fund of $500 to add to the research into curing cancers. As this is my last report as acting President for President Robert, Id like to thank all Rotarians for their support during Roberts year and ask that you also support incoming President Kerry as she finds her feet in the Presidency. Congratulations on an excellent year Robert. Dont forget to book your tickets to Changeover on July 6. Lets get Kerry off to a great start as we provide Robert with an excellent send off.

By Rob Rindzevicius Dated June 16 2018

Kevin with Ian Lupson

 The work of the Hume men's Shed here in Sunbury was the focus of last Tues- day's meeting. Men's Shed President Kevin Swaffield gave a thoughtful address on the purposes and benefits of the Shed. He particularly highlighted the role Men's Sheds play in combating mental health issues and he answered a range of questions. On behalf of the Club, I was pleased to be able to present Kevin with a cheque for $1000 to assist in the further devel- opment of the Shed's important work in our Sunbury community, especially among men who have retired from the workforce.

By Robert Iles Dated June 11 2018

Rob with Merv Minett

 Last meeting we heard from Past President Rob Rindzevicius who spoke about his attendance at the recent District 9790 conference held in Yarrawonga. The RI representative was Past RI President Ron Burton. Rob spoke about the inspiration speakers namely Dr Pricilla Rogers who spoke about her current medical experience and the future. Ron Iddles  who has spoken to our club. He speaks so well about what police do. His theme was Criminals I have known. Nicole Lautenschlager  Alzheimers  but I forgot what she spoke about  seriously exercise is important. Her current research focus cognitive and mental health in older adults and dementia risk reduction strategies. Heard from Kristin Graham, Aus Rot Health, spoke about PTSD research plus many others. Rob particularly enjoyed the School Debate and the Saturday dinner where the theme was ANZAC Centenary, the forties and the Andrew Sisters (aka the Pacific Belles). Rob declared that had the best steak he had in ages. He also mentioned that had one or two muscats on the night!!!! The conference was also attended by Robert Iles, Eva Haddard, Kerry Kirk, Bob laidler, John Webster and Terry Grant. Rob reckons he forgot someone, apology to whoever that is. It looks as though everybody enjoyed the conference they are a great event to go to. Congratulations to DG Bernie and his team for organising the conference and having about 600 attendees.

By Merv Minett Dated June 5 2018

 Most Rotarians will have heard of Donations In Kind (DIK). This is a program in which all Districts in Australia participate. Our District works in cooperation with neighbouring Districts to conduct the Footscray warehouse and packing centre. For many years now, District the 9790 representative on the Management Board has been David Mellor. It was therefore a special pleasure to welcome David to our Club meeting last Tuesday. David reminded us of the importance of the work of DIK in sharing obsolete, but functioning, equipment from industry, hospitals, offices and schools with communities in developing countries. To ensure that equipment gets to the intended recipients, DIK works with Rotary Clubs in the country of destination. Our Club has donated $500 to DIK this year to assist with the cost of transporting containers.

Spelling Competition Students

 What a memorable Saby Sebastian Memorial Spelling Contest! An audience of 72 were there to witness the spelling efforts of our 10 brave contestants. The audience included Assistant Governor Kaye Gauci, 52 parents, siblings, other family members, friends, teachers and Principals of the contestants, 15 Rotarians and guests and 4 special guests from Sunbury Downs Secondary College. These were 3 students from the ACE program and their teacher, Nicole. These students were responsible for writing the words for this years contest. The tough ones were all their fault! The Primary school contestants this year were Lucy - St Annes , Patrick  Bolinda, Holly  Kismet Park, Ethan  Sunbury West, Skye  Diggers Rest , Angus  Killara, Luke - Sunbury, Matthew  Goonawarra, Rhys  Sunbury Heights and Isobel  Our Lady of Mt Carmel. The Contest was chaired by PP Rob R and the Quizmaster this year was PP Damian. Damian masterfully enunciated the words and the students more master- fully understood him! Better yet they spelt the words well. There were ten rounds in total. At the conclusion of Round 10, which were unsighted words, there were 3 contestants, Lucy, Luke and Skye on the same score of 9 out of 10. The students were asked to choose a number and Damian would then say the word at that number. In the first round of tie-break, only one student got their chosen word correct and that student was Luke from Sunbury Primary. Acting President David then presented each contestant with their Certificate for being their schools spelling champion, a prize of $100 and an embroidered finalist cap. The winner, Luke, will be presented with a winners trophy, winners cap and a prize of $500 at a school assembly in the near future. Sunbury Primary will also be presented with the perpetual trophy and $500 for their literacy program. Thanks go to Rotarians Eva, Kerry, Denis, John W, Damian, Robert I, Merv and Special thanks to Marg Healy and Karen Vanderloo for being judges in the Contest again this year, and the ACE kids and Nicole for their efforts before the Contest and also helping during the evening. The event went smoothly due to the fine assistance given by these Rotarians, the staff at the Footy Club, One Stop Embroidery (getting the caps ready on time) and of course the contestants and their teachers and families for helping them to be well-prepared for the competition. Two of the Sunbury Downs ACE students were previous contestants in our Spelling Contest. Also worthy of note was the fact that two Ron Cook Scholarship awardees for being dux of their secondary college from this year and last year were Spelling Contest winners 6 and 7 years earlier! This is proof that Saby Sebastians vision to take the Spelling Contest as a motivator for students to develop literacy skills and strive for education in general has been working as he predicted. A master stroke Saby!

By Rob Rindzevicius Dated May 13 2018

Les and Bruce Cutting the 45th Birthday Cake


 Last week's 45th Anniversary celebration was undoubtedly one of the highlight meetings for the year. Just over 60 members and guests attended in the presence of the District Governor, Bernie Bott, the District Governor Nominee, Brian Peters and our area's Assistant Governor, Kaye Gauci. We celebrated not only our 45 years of service as a Club, but also the contribution to the Club of founding member Past President, Les Whorlow, and long servicing former Rotarian, Past President Bruce Bouch, for his over 40 years of service to the Club. The success of the evening was in large measure due to the detailed planning and organisation of Past District Governor, Terry Grant, our President Elect, Kerry Kirk and Treasurer, Past President Barry Baguley. We are also very grateful to Rotarian Pedro Carlus of Pinnacle Print Group for printing the commemorative Rotasun to mark the occasion. During the evening DG Bernie made a presentation to the Club and the Club made presentations to both Les and Bruce. As a member for the entire 45 years of the Club, PP Les was presented with a letter from Rotary International President, Australian Ian Riseley. During the evening it was also a special privilege to induct Tracey Stoll into Club membership.

By Robert Isles Dated April 21 2018

Jason Jackson


 Last week we heard from Jason Jackson who runs a backyard beekeeping business. Jason also works as an Army engineer where he builds things for the ammo boys and girls to blow up. I also found out that he was once a Rotaractor from Preston and captain of his schools debating team which came runner up in a District Debating final many years ago. He related a lot of facts about bees that were very interesting. 65% of all crops in Australia depend on bees. The pollination service industry to farmers is a $1.7b industry. Bees have been making honey for some 20 million years. He talked about how a bee hive is structured from the man made boxes to what actually happens in a hive. The social structures are quite amazing and the defined roles of the Queen, the workers and the drones were well explained. Hmm, who would want to be a drone? Strangely enough the role of the Queen and the Drones are always the same, whereas the Worker, a female, in her 6 weeks of life has a chance for promotions  from pollen collector to higher duties like, nursery duties, guard, royal attendant, etc. Jason is a hard working young man who spends up to 100 hours a week on his Army work, his home business and his bees. He says he gets by with 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night and that allows him the time to also spend with and take care of his family. His observations of the worker bees and the time they spend being active must have been a natural attraction for him and so he developed his backyard beekeeping business from a simple single hive to now one that runs 25 hives. One future scary possibility he told us about was the consideration that without bees the human race could be extinct within 4 years! He then went on to tell us what we could do to help bees survive: use less pesticides and herbicides, grow organically bee attracting flowers and plants, run your own backyard beehive!

By Rob Rindzevicius Dated April 12 2018

Antonio Iannella

 More women die from Stroke than from breast cancer and more men die from stroke than from Prostate cancer. That was the message we heard on Tuesday night from our guest speaker from Stroke Safe, Antonio Iannella, him- self a stoke victim. Antonio discussed the nature of strokes, the symptoms and the importance of the quickest possible ac- cess to medical attention. Among the prevention measures he identified were healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, exercise and not smoking.

By Robert Iles Dated April 10 2018

ARH Caravan Muster in Tasmania

 It is always pleasing to hear of the involvement of our own members in the wider programs of Rotary. So last Tuesday, a good attendance of Rotarians and two guests received a most interesting talk from PDG Terry Grant on the recent Australian Rotary Health Caravan Muster in Tasmania where Terry served as one of the drivers of the support vehicles. It was great to see Tasmanian Rotarians and visiting Rotarians from the mainland enjoying the event across some of the picturesque scenery of the Apple Isle. Of even greater importance was the realisation that mental health issues are of particular significance in Tasmania and that the funds raised by the event will go into furthering mental health research. Our thanks go to Terry for the presentation of this address.

By Robert Iles Dated April 3 2018

Government House

 Some Rotarians were fortunate to attend Government House on Tuesday Mar 13th, 2018, to see the Governor of Victoria, and her husband welcome our very own Rotary International President Ian Riseley and his wife Juliet to an afternoon tea at Government House. The afternoon started with a long wait at the gates until they were opened at 2PM and we, and probably 250+ others, made our way into the glorious grounds of Government house to park our cars and then enter the Grand Hall. After a short wait the hall was full and at 3PM an officer introduced the official party, The Governor of Victoria, the Hon. Linda Dessau AC and her husband Mr Anthony Howard QC, Mr and Mrs Risely. The Governor spoke of the good work of Rotary and in particular the achievements of our President. Her Excellency is a Patron of the Rotary Club of Melbourne and she seemed quite versed in Rotary's and Mr Risely's accomplishments, referencing our efforts in fighting Polio and Trachoma and our President's past efforts including his personal stance on getting women into Rotary. After a short response from Mr Riesely the official proceedings over, we were invited to afternoon tea and to see the rooms of Government House. Memories of cucumber sandwiches, historical photos of Her Majesty the Queen and her parents on various trips to Melbourne over the years, majestic art works and stunning art pieces, no doubt gifts to Governors from local and far away places and the gardens awash with the people of Rotary will stay with me forever. I thank the club for the honour of representing them at this event. 

By Kerry Kirk Dated March 18 2018

Dr Hunt and Donna Amanyi with Mamnie Camilleri

  After the outstanding efforts of many members during October and November last year selling tickets for the Christmas Raffle, it was a delight last Tuesday evening to hear from Dr Hunt, Head of the Neonatal Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital and the from Ms Donna Amanyi, Head of Fundraising, and to present them with a payment of $7500 for a named cot in the Neonatal Unit or the next 12 months. This is the sixth year in which the Club has supported the Neonatal Unit and President-Elect Kerry Kirk has indicated that the Club will again support the Unit in 2019. Many thanks also goes to the Sunbury community which again supported he Raffle so generously. As Club members sold tickets, it was always encouraging to hear from members of the community their stories of the help that the Royal Children's Hospital has been to their families.

By Robert Iles Dated March 12 2018

Ron Cook Scholarship Recipients

  This week we had a terrific night with members of our Sunbury secondary schools community to present the 2018 Ron Cook Memorial Dux Awards. It was very pleasing to welcome the principals of Salesian College and Sunbury Downs College, Mark Brockhus and Maria Oddo, and the Assistant Principal of Sunbury College ,Craig O'Bree, together with several teachers as well as the families of the three Duces. We heard a little of the challenges tackled and mastered by each Dux, Aiden Beard (Salesian), James Brooks (Sunbury) and Natashe Luz (Sunbury Downs), who each in turn responded. Of special note is that Natasha, when a grade 6 student at Sunbury West Primary School, was also the winner of the Rotary Spelling competition. It was wonderful to be able as a Club assist three such articulate and capable young people from our Sunbury community as they move into tertiary education. Special thanks goes to PP Rob Rindzevicius who as chair of our Sports, Recreation and Education Foundation planned, organised and chaired the evenin

By Robert Iles Dated February 20 2018

Sheryn Cooper

  Last week we were fortunate to be addressed by Sherryn Cooper from the Kids Under Cover organisation which was founded in 1993. Its purpose is to house young people in backyard units in situations where a young person would otherwise be homeless. These units are placed after consultation with appropriate governmental agencies and are removed when no longer required by that family. The units consist of a bedroom and bathroom but no kitchen thus encouraging the young person to be in contact with their family at least at meal times. The organisation has a range of fundraising activities including the removal and selling of old cars no longer required by their owners who, nevertheless, get a tax deductable certifcate for the sale price of the car.

   Kids Under Cover

By Robert Iles Dated February 13 2018

The RYLA Group

  Thank you to all members who supported our 2017 Rylarian, Robert Zammit, at last week's meeting. Robert was supported by seven other Rylarians and also by Linda Gidlund, the Chair of RYLA in District 9790 and a good fiend of our Club. Robert, a law graduate, gave an excellent address in which he identified very clearly the range of life changing benefits he had gained from his RYLA experience in November last year. It is very encouraging for Club members to hear of the benefits gained as a result of our Club's sponsorship. Our thanks is owed to PP Rob Rindzevicius  for his active support of the RYLA program last year.

   By Robert Iles Dated February 6 2018

Brandan with Daryl Knight

  Recently we heard from Brendan Davies from Tour de Cure organisation which operates bike rides to raise seeding funds for cancer researchers who need such funds in order to conduct pilot studies prior to being able to apply for more substantial funding. Those who participate in the challenging and inspirational tours themselves have to raise at least $3000 to be able to participate. he Board will consider supporting Tour de Cure when non-budgeted funds are dispersed later in the Rotary year.

   Tour De Cure Website

By Merv Minett Dated January 31 2018